About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Take a moment to read our story and connect with us. We understand the first step in developing a healthy relationship is the willingness to be transparent about who you are, and that's what we'd like to do with you.


Let's develop a friendship, a community, of firearm enthusiasts and citizens who seek to protect those they love and their passions.

Our Story

The first time we visited a gun range with our families as children, we anticipated a simple day of shooting targets and exploring various firearms. What we hadn’t expected was to discover a passionate community deeply conscious of the responsibility that accompanies firearm ownership. Over time, as we immersed ourselves more in this community, our understanding deepened, and we developed a similar passion for firearms.


The first time we visited the range together was in 2020. Inspired by our experiences, we decided to contribute by offering top-notch services and products for those who seek protection, as well as for enthusiasts who enjoy hunting and practicing. Whether you're a novice shooter or an experienced expert, we're here to support you. If our services resonate with you, please get in touch. We're eager to deepen our connection with others in the community and look forward to forging many new relationships in the future!

Putting the Names to the Faces

Jacob Hancock

Founder, President & CEO

Certified Firearms Instructor

Certified Range Safety Officer

Darian Alexander

Founder, President & COO